Social Media: What’s trending in 2017?

The terms ‘Social Media’ and ‘Social Network’ are one of the most commonly used terminologies while referring to Social networks in general. Marketers have always appraised the importance of social networks by using the available social platforms like Instagram and Facebook to build business relations. Given the enormous potential that social media offer to marketers, it is no surprise that marketers today are focused on monitoring social networks and extending them in business functions such as brand building and business generation.

Based on the research carried out by the market watchers, some of the most aggressive trends that are likely to form a part of the ‘social media’ research in the year 2017 are:
1. Story and live video : Instagram’s ‘Al Lenses’ feature and ‘live video’ feature has enabled users to broadcast their story in the form of series of photographs and videos. Following the public launch of ‘Snap chat’ in March 2017, this trend has hit the right spots, making ‘live streaming‘ the next big target for social network giants.
2. Customer service chatbots: Marketers today are aggressively seeking to deduce what will make them stand out amidst the competitors. Offering customer service through social networks is the simplistic way of reaching a direct customer. Statistics indicate that the number of people actively using calling and direct messaging features on social networks is approximately 30 million , which makes this trend a target for social marketers.
3. Domination of paid content: Owing to the limitations that social media algorithms pose, it is becoming challenging for marketers to flash their brands on the customer’s screen. Owing to the minimal filters that social networks have between the brand and customer, paid advertising will continue to rule marketing strategies.
4. Feature enhanced interface: An in depth study of social network analytics that convey the enormous potential of platform tools has caught the fancy of brand owners. Marketers are expected to invest in resources that will help them to fully utilize the potential of the tools.
5. The human touch: Offering a realistic and human like experience by using ‘chatbots’ on social networks is another trend that marketers will be focusing on.
6. Social shopping: Shopping through Instagram and Facebook has opened a new avenue for both marketers and customers where customers can also make informed purchases based on direct chats and reviews.


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