The Social Flutterby!

Placeholder ImageSo I am one of those million human beings whose life revolves around their cell phones. It is, like everyone else’s , my alarm, calculator, news channel, TV and actually my best perfect excuse to avoid social interaction . It is like a family, the wifi or mobile network, Me and my cellphone .Welcome to new age of ‘social flutterbys’! Where we go fluttering from one social do to another without moving our, pardon my language, arses from our couch .

I am a proud owner of several social networking accounts especially those which blatantly display my not so pricey dresses and pouts and make sure my pictures don’t look half as ugly as the reality, of course using filters and flower crowns. Don’t get me wrong when I say that. I am one of them, I mean the ugly ones who look picture perfect in each Instagram picture . All my ‘real’ and ‘reel’ friends also have their filter enhanced snaps on social sites, some of them treated with such filters and effects that they don’t even seem like themselves any more.  Needless to say, they like my pictures and I reciprocate, even though at times I am really confused what exactly do I like in a picture.

But I have gotten to realise, this is one of the key points why social networking has become so popular.  They have made a celebrity out of a common man. They have conferred a personal ‘equity’, a ‘validity’ to our otherwise mundane colloquial existence. Without the pain of putting up with the rights and wrongs, the moronic conversations and the pretentious enthusiasm, social networks promise you a gamut of social affirmations and approval, something that most of us secretly desire, in the form of likes, loves and comments. It has thus made our looks, attire and what we even eat or drink , something that people need to know and talk about.  Yes! it has made a mini celebrity out of me, you and everyone …



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